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All About Nvidia Optimus

Switchable graphics, GPU, Cuda

In 2007, NVIDIA developed a new technology for Notebooks known as Switchable Graphics, which allowed the user  to use Discrete GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) for running higher graphical applications and switch to IGP (Integrated Graphics Processor) for running lower graphical applications in order to conserve the battery life. Each and every time a user wants to switch between the Intel IGP and the discrete GPU, the user has to manually change a setting from the NVIDIA Control panel/NVIDIA Switchable Graphics Applet. This Control panel presents a simple menu for theRead More

All About Intel 4th Generation Core Processors

4th gen core processor, GPU, Nvidia, Physx

About:  That time is near when the leading GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) manufacturing companies such as Nvidia Corporation, will come on road. Father of revolutionary “Cuda” and Optimus technologies, Nvidia Corporation can actually come on road?? Well, the upcoming 4th generation Intel® core processors are going to shake the fortune of many video card manufacturing companies. Intel 4th generation core processors will be equipped with highly advanced GPU which will beat every other dedicated graphics card manufactured till date. In San Francisco at the Game Developers Conference, Intel’s European GamesRead More