Proving Grounds SFV and Tekken 7 tournament in India 2018



All About Call Of Duty WWII

  The largest cinema screen in Britain i.e. BFI IMAX revealed the intentions of Call of Duty going back to its roots.“Call Of Duty World War 2” world-wide reveal took place at London on April 26th 2017. The official world-wide reveal trailer of COD WW2 started with Normandy Invasion (commonly known as D-Day, which is one of the most deadly battles of World War 2 that took place in June 1944) with “Winston Churchill’s” most iconic speech of World War 2, in background. The entire event lasted for not moreRead More

Top 10 Video Game series of all time


    This list is purely based on online/offline surveys by our expert team of gamers. So here are the Top 10 most popular video Game Series of all time, irrespective of platforms and genre. 10) Tekken and Street Fighter Position 10 is held by two fighting games collectively. Where Capcom’s Street Fighter has the largest number of fan following than any other fighting game, on the other hand Namco’s Tekken series is the most realistic fighting game series ever developed. Both games are dense and contain a lot toRead More

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory LAN Play using Wi-fi

Covert-ops, Enemy Territory on WI-Fi LAN Play

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is basically the sequel to 2001 most popular first person shooter game Wolfenstein: Return to Castle, without the single-player campaign mode. Enemy Territory was developed by “Splash Damage” in order to cash the popularity of multi-player mode of Return to Castle. Check out the best maps of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory at Today I am going to tell you how to play Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory on LAN using Wi-fi in windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Software and Hardware Requirements: a)     Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory gameRead More

All About Prototype 2: Murder Your Maker

Heller VS Super Soldier

    Price: Rs. 1700 for PC version About: “MURDER YOUR MAKER” The open world, action-adventure game Prototype 2 is developed  by radical entertainment and published by Activision. It is a single player game build on titanium 2.0 engine. The game is designed by matt Armstrong. The game was released on 24th april 2012. It is released for playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft windows platform. The game moves from its plot of predecessor prototype but with a new hero named as JAMES HELLER. HELLER  has several upgrades in comparisonRead More