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Best of Tekken 7: FR in EVO 2016

Evo 2016 top surprises in Tekken


The EVO 2016 was a complete success, and for Tekken players, it was a treat to watch as it was the first tournament of recent edition of Tekken i.e. Tekken 7: FR.  The Evolution Championship Series 2016 was a complete package, full of surprises and anti-climaxes and yet ending with a deserving champion “Jin-woo Choi” known as Saint from South Korea. So, here are the top surprises and matches to watch in EVO 2016 of Tekken 7: Fated Retribution:

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Top 4 surprises of Evo 2016 in #Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

4) Speedkicks making into top 8

It was good to see two US players making their way to top 8 where Mr. Naps did not participated in the event.

3) Knee taking Akuma to send JDCR into the loser bracket. (World has just seen the deadliest Akuma of Tekken 7: FR)

They are the art rivals; it was a very shocking decision by Knee to take Akuma against a very tough competitor JDCR where many were expecting a battle between DevilJin and Heihachi or Bryan and Heihachi. Well, as we all know, Knee is more of a scientist than a tekken player, he smashed down JDCR in no time. Knee’s Akuma was certainly twice dangerous than Poongko’s; he knew exactly when to execute the fireballs and the following setups.

2) Poongko knocks out Pekos and ending up at the position 4 in EVO 2016.

This was a disastrous clash, where Pekos with his King looks too composed initially against the tekken noob Poongko (but a veteran of Street Fighter who was making his debut in Tekken from this event), but struggled to pose any competition against Akuma and ceased his chance to progress in the event.

1) GeeseMaster knocks out Nobi from the EVO 2016

Well, there are no words to describe how shocking it was for Nobi.

South Korea vs Japan


Top 4 matches of #Tekken 7: Fated Retribution to watch in EVO 2016 

4) JustFrames James vs MYK

I won’t say that MYK was a bit lucky as he played outstanding in the final match with his Steve, but JustFramesJames would still be regretting that if he had punished db+2 just in time, there was no final match to follow.

3) GeeseMaster Vs Nobi in top 8

Anthony Jaimes played exceptionally good in this match.

2) Knee Vs Saint the finals

They never uploaded their streams on YouTube, neither Knee nor Saint. Saint with his Jack 7 had played dominantly in the previous matches with absolutely no close calls and had no trouble in sending Knee to loser brackets in top 8. Surprisingly, Knee takes Heihachi Mishima against Narakhof and made his way to   finals by crushing Claudio in no time. On paper, Jack 7 is a weak character; Bryan has his advantages over Jack: 14 frame launcher of Bryan is the key. Knee, as we all know is more of a scientist and couldn’t deny the paper-facts. It was world’s best Bryan Fury Vs world’s best Jack 7 in the EVO 2016 Tekken 7: Fated Retribution finals.

1) JDCR Vs Nobi

JDCR Vs NOBI in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

This was a breath taking clash of veterans of Tekken and probably the match of the tournament. The loser will go home. Both JDCR and Nobi fought up to 200% of their skills. It was a treat to watch how Nobi was putting the wall pressure and how JDCR getting rid of those d+2’s.


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