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All About Split/Second: Velocity



Price- R.s 800/-


You think this is a racing game, but this is a war actually, here huge building turns into ashes in no time and you are free to use them as a bridge. Split/Second: Velocity is an arcade racing game where you can wreck your opponents. Plot is set into a reality show, where racers wreck their opponents by using their power-plays which is gained by drifts in the race. This highly destructive racing game reminds you about Burn-out and a Hollywood movie “Death Race”. Split/Second includes 12 episodes with 72 exiting locations with no human population present whatsoever. Total of 4 modes including survival, elimination, Air-attack and race mode are present with 3 difficulties level. Split/Second offers 8 player online mode as well as LAN play feature and launched for Microsoft Windows as well as various gaming consoles. Stages such as “power plant”, “Airplane graveyard”,”Expressway”,”Strome”, etc are among the most attractive stages of Split/Second. As every other racing game, Split/Second offers a vast selection of cars with hand-brakes not present.

The only drawback you’ll notice in this game is that there is no speedometer.  The top speed of any car is displayed in terms of bars before selecting a particular car in a particular race. You might dislike the absence of N2o in this game. Similar to the races in all the Need For Speed series, driving clean without any collision does play an important role in speeding up the cars quickly. Its entirely your choice weather to drive clean at turns (helpful when you are leading in the race) or take turns with drift (when you are lagging).


The last racing track that opens in this game is “Canyon”, which is most dynamic track in this game. Even the short cuts in this game have a dynamic nature. You can open few short cuts with the help of “Power Play one”; they open for a limited period of time. Selecting a specific car for a specific race/location on the basis of drift, strength, acceleration and top-speed plays a major role this game.


Special Features

Dynamic nature of tracks

Vast selection of cars

High level of destruction

Total of 72 locations

Exciting racing modes those of Survival and Elimination

LAN play feature available


No “Nitro” present for instant acceleration in any car

No handbrake present in any car

No Speedometer present.



Minimum System Reqirements:

2Gb of DDR2 RAM, Intel Dual Core processor, 1Gb of Nvidia GeForce video card or 1Gb ATI radeon; 7GB of HDD.

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