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All About Need For Speed: Rivals

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Price: $49.99 for PC

                $59.99 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox 4

                Release date: 19th November 2013

You still expect anything better than “Need For Speed” in racing?? No, not possible. There exist nothing better than “Need For Speed” in racing, and certainly “Rivals” has kept the reputation alive. Developed by “Ghost Games” for the first time, the EA sports “Need For Speed Rivals” is the latest installment of legendary NFS series. This installment is just fabulous; Ghost Games has given their 100%. Truly speaking, this game contains a lot more things to explore when compared to previous installments and it is practically impossible to fully complete this game within 24 hours.

Need for speed: Rivals share much DNA from 2010’s Hot Pursuit. You can choose the either side; one is of a destructive racer, second is of a cop; on one side you are awarded for breaking the law, another side you are enforcing law; choice is yours, both sides offer similar level of risk.

As a racer, you are equipped with shock waves that repel and damage nearby vehicles, and jammers that prevent the cops from using their own weapons against you. The more cops you evade, the more SP you will earn the more reputation you’ll have. Well, the concept is of the movie “Death Race”. The same weapons you can use against your fellow racers. The concept of repair station does play an important role in the game. But still, the main focus is on your driving skills. It’s all about your driving skills, how you tackle the traffic, how you manage the limited amount of nitrous and at what speed you go through twisted turns. Similar to NFS: Most Wanted 2012, the road is full of heavy traffic. This is the most difficult race in entire NFS series; a single mistake can make you lose all your money.

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When playing as a cop, your sole objective is to take down the racers. Here you work as a team. You’ll get new car upgrades for free. You are equipped with all sorts of high speed racing cars. The challenges posed while playing as a cop is difficult as well. You’ll love the challenge of taking down multiple cars before they finish a race.

You can spent full day on debating that this game chaotically takes many features from “Burnout: Paradise City” and “Split/Second”; but it’s more a car combat than a destructive racing we saw in “Split/Second”. Rivals features next generation graphics, at times you’ll feel like as if you are in your screens and cops are aroundyou. Each location is designed incredibly well. The feeling of 1080p resolution while playing this game on the PlayStation 4 console is just unforgettable. Each car features a unique sound; you’ll feel the collision with other car in more realistic manner ever.

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Return of Ferrari to the franchise is the boon for Rivals. Cars like Ferrari FF, Ferrari 458 ITALIA and Ferrari 599 GTO are just awesome.

The two things that’ll frustrate you is the immediate loss of potential SP on account single mistake; seconds is the heavy traffic which makes your life difficult throughout. In the end, you’ll find racer’s challenges were more exciting than cop challenges.


Coming to the minimum system requirements (you need to change graphics quality and resolution setting in the game), in case you are a PC gamer, you need to have at least 2Gb of DDR2 RAM, Intel® Core 2 Duo processor, 1Gb of Nvidia GeForce and Windows 7 OS. However, we recommend you to have 4GB DDR3 RAM, Intel® core i3 processor, 1GB of Nvidia GeForce with Cuda or 2GB ATI radeon and Windows 7 OS. 

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