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All About Sony Vaio FIT 15E

Vaio latest laptop, most affordable laptop

Price: Rs. 34,990/-

            Sony Vaio FIT 15E comes under the category of most affordable laptops by Sony. Other companies offer better configuration than this in same range, but this laptop provides you a unique feel. When closely looking to the configurations, each unit performs well as it should be. Weather it is an Intel® Core™ i3 3227U @1.9GHZ processor or 2GB of DDR3 RAM or it is Intel HD 4000, all units performs up to the mark. The FIT 15E boots quick enough and apps will load without hiccups. Though the multitasking is limited on account of just 2GB of RAM, but it performs well in doing day to day tasks. This is a basic, budget consumer’s laptop after all.

Sony Vaio FIT 15E has a curvey look with a matte black finish. When compared to other Sony laptops, this isn’t the slim machine. The best thing about this laptop is its unique display. It is bright, crisp and mostly non-reflective. Using Windows 8 over this laptop is a good experience. And it does come with 64-bit Windows 8. Display is of 15.5 inch and supports a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The touchpad response is quite good, but the keyboard response isn’t ideal (though the keys are well-spaced and key size is adequate). The battery performance of Sony Vaio FIT 15E is just average (not poor in any aspect).

Core i3, Vai fit

If you are looking for a Sony laptop in this range, Sony Vaio FIT 15E is the best choice for you, otherwise you can get better configurations with less performance features in other companies by just expending a little more.

Special features of Sony VAIO FIT 15E at a glance:

1)      Non-reflective display

2)      500 GB HDD

3)      Windows 8 (64-bit)

4)      15.5 inch with 1366 x 768 pixels  resolution support

5)      Typical VAIO rounded edges

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