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All About Sony PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4, PS 4


Price: Rs. 24000/-

US $ 400 (approx.)

PlayStation 4 is the most trending topic in gaming world now days. And why not it would be? The predecessors, has made exceptional record in market, with PlayStation 2 being the most selled gaming console till date; games like GOD OF WAR 2,3 and 4, Tekken 5, Tekken 6, etc., got their identity on PlayStation only.

PlayStation 4 features “Remote Play” which lets you take the advantage of high portability of PlayStation Vita by allowing to play some PS 4 games wirelessly.

Development of PlayStation 4 was actually started at early 2008; Sony Computer Entertainment revealed that PlayStation 4 will feature DualShock-4 controller input which consist of built-in motion sensors and touch controls (this controller will also connect to the machine in the same manner as DualShock-3). This 8th generation gaming console will have 8 GB DDR5 RAM, with a Semi-custom AMD x86-64 8-Core CPU and Semi-custom AMD Radeon Graphics Processing Unit (connectivity features will remain same as in its predecessor “PlayStation 3”).

Best gaming console, PS4, Price of PS 4

No matter, Eurocom Scorpius is the best gaming laptop today, but the gaming experience by a dedicated gaming console always remain unique.

Other features of PlayStation 4 includes the sharing option; i.e. you will be able to share pics and videos of your favorite gameplay instances on Facebook and can even broadcast them live via Ustream. With Hard Disk capacity not yet revealed, a large series of some real exciting games such as DriveClub (an intense racing game), “Second Son”, “The Witness”, “Watch Dogs”, Assassin’s Creed-Black Flags (game whose predecessor won the best graphics award in PlayStation 3 category by IGN) etc., are ready to mark their entry in PlayStation 4.

Other accessories available with PlayStation 4 are Mono headset, AC power cord, HDMI cable and USB cable.


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