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All About Samsung Galaxy S5

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Putting more heat in the market, it is rumored that Samsung is going to present a new addition to its galaxy family. Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumored to be announced on January, 2014 and would be available to the customers the month after that. Samsung earlier had made an announcement about the launch of Galaxy S5 in March, 2014. Making it a little earlier, it may be a business strategy to pose a better position in market, for which the Samsung is known for.

Getting in deeper with some specification for this awesome gadget, the smart phone is supposed to be water proof and dust proof. So, the next time your phone meets an accident in some water pool, just wipes it off and else would be wonderful. For memory, the phone would be smart enough to meet your tough requirements by having a RAM greater than 4GB and a ROM of 32GB. Display had been rumored to be set on a width of 5.2 inches TFT Capacitive Touch screen.


Realizing the factor that Samsung hadn’t yet released there official figure for the sale made for Galaxy S4. The early launch of Galaxy S5 may be a reason after not hitting the goal of sale made for S4. Whatever the reason might be, these all information’s are marking their presence at market via rumors. Samsung hadn’t made any of the official statement regarding these.

Stay tuned for information regarding Samsung Galaxy S5.

Spcial Features of Samsung Galaxy S5 at a glance:

  • Waterproof and Dustproof
  • Exterior would be of metallic
  • Screen of 5.2 inches TFT Capacitive Touch Screen
  • RAM greater than 4GB and ROM greater than 32GB




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