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All About Prototype 2: Murder Your Maker


Activision, Alex Mercer, Dana Mercer, Heller


Price: Rs. 1700 for PC version



The open world, action-adventure game Prototype 2 is developed  by radical entertainment and published by Activision. It is a single player game build on titanium 2.0 engine. The game is designed by matt Armstrong. The game was released on 24th april 2012. It is released for playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft windows platform.

The game moves from its plot of predecessor prototype but with a new hero named as JAMES HELLER.

HELLER  has several upgrades in comparison with Alex Mercer. In the game HELLER follows the blacknet operation to destroy blacknet virus. The tagline of the game drives from the plot as the main protagonist of prototype 2 wants to kill the main protagonist of previous game prototype. The game is developed on theme of  revenge as it features ‘ALEX MERCER Vs. JAMES HELLER’.

Heller is a super shapeshifter who can take identities and memories of the targets he consumes. The main powers  include superhuman strength, invulnerability, increased speed and sonar sensing.

The player can use attacks such as black holes, tendrils and weapons. Supersoldiers and brawlers can also be consumed. Further heller can control a group of hunters or brawlers and command them to attack special area. He finds connection of alex mercer with death of his family and eliminates  the enemy.

Heller, Murder Your maker

The game plot focuses on eliminating the blackwatch organization. The main enemies are Colonel rooks and Dr. keonig.

Seargent james heller who is a military person returns to home from touring Iraq to find his family killed.Upon knowing this he rejoins military to eliminate mercer virus. But he is infected by a special infected and later given superpowers by mercer himself. Alex mercer tries to befool heller by feeding him that the gentec and blackwatch are responsible for the birth and infection of mercer virus.

But heller soon finds out the truth with the help of  father Guerra. Alex mercer plans to spread the mercer virus in the entire world with the help of a vaccine used for curing the infected called ‘whitelight’.

Upon knowing this heller kills several accomplices of heller in the infected area.

Frustrated by heller sabotaging his plans, mercer kills father Guerra and kidnaps heller’s daughter. He finds Dana mercer as a contact with father Guerra. Dana informs heller that his daughter is alive.

Heller VS Super Soldier

Finally heller attacks mercer and consumes him in a bloody battle to kill him. The game ends with three persons viz. heller, his daughter and dana mercer remaining and wondering what to do.

Several comics and a facebook app was released to market the game. Despite being top seller in the month of release the game was not able to cover the production cost which led to the radical group being demoted by activision for only supporting roles.