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PPSSPP 1.4 Best Settings

The latest version of PSP emulator which is PPSSPP v1.4 is very promising. It lets you play your favourite PlayStation Portable games in full HD even on your Android device. In previous versions of ppsspp, the game textures was blur as psp games are made for small screen, but in v1.4 you can upscale textures. Other important additions this version are support for D3D11, new audio setting in order to deliver better performance with wireless headsets and high DPI display fixes.

So, here are the screenshots for the best settings for PPSSPP 1.4 to play PSP games like God of War: Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta, Soul Calibur, Ridge Racer 2, Tekken 6, Tekken 5 DR and other popular games as well:

(Note: The graphics settings can be changed depending upon the processor and the graphics card you are dealing with)

  • System Settings:

ppssp best settings for pc

(*If your PC or Laptop has less than 3GB of RAM, then “Cache full ISO in RAM is not recommended)

  • Graphics Settings (Note: At any time to improve the game speed you can set frame-skipping max up to 2, above that, the game may be crashed)

ppsspp v1.4 best graphics settings for god of war

best graphics settings for PPSSPP

  • Audio Settings



  • Network Settings (In order to play games online or on LAN)


Control Settings (Keyboard)

(Go to controls and then click on control mapping)

control settings for ppsspp v1.4


Note: However, you cannot configure L2 and R2 in ppsspp directly. The only way out to is to assign two keys for various inputs in order to get desired outputs. Say for example if you wish to assign triangle and circle into a single input in order to get triangle+circle as an output, you just need to add single key to both triangle and circle.


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  1. Eve Hunt says:

    Great article. I spent this last week playing fighterz. Spent hours in the lab. Got smoked first few matches but that’s the beauty of this genre. But I kept pushing. Now I’m very comfortable with the game. I can control my character so much better. Better not send a naked super dash my way or you’re going to pay. It feels great. But I wouldn’t be able to do that with out getting destroyed.This video showed me to understand that you are going to get smoked in the beginning. But you know what gold is tested through fire and diamonds are made through pressure

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