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Play Tekken 6 Online Multiplayer Via PPSSPP


Hamachi is old now; today I am going to tell you a new and 100% tested and an advance method to play Tekken 6 online multiplayer; i.e. via Wippien. Playing Tekken 6 online via Wippien is very simple only if you follow the following  steps carefully. Make sure you already know how to play The King of Iron Fist tournament 6 (i.e. Tekken 6) on PC; if not; just follow this link and learn it.

You need have following things to Play Tekken 6 online multiplayer:

  •  Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 preview Laptop/PC.
  • PPSSPP (download it from
  • AdhocServerWindows (download it from  this link )
  • Internet Connection

Now follow these steps carefully:

Step 1: Create a jabber account; for that just visit this link and register there.

Step 2: Download Wippien software from this link

Step 3: Install the Wippien Software

Step 4: Start Wippien;

how to create jabber account

  • Click on “I have existing jabber account”
  • Now put your jabber id in that JID box; say for example
  • Click on “Test account”
  • “Success” message is displayed

Step 5: Now add contacts to your wippien by clicking on plus button, then on “Add/Remove contacts”, you can add me; my id is other active players on Wippien are



Step 6: Your Wippien IP address is displayed just below your username.

wippien ip

Step 7: Start your PPSSPP, go to settings:

  • Untick the “Fast memory (unstable)” box.
  • Tick “Enable networking/WLAN box
  • Copy your wippien IP address in the Change ProAdhocServer IP Address**
  • Close the PPSSPP

Step 8: Now look if anybody is online on wippien; tell him/her to Copy your Wippien IP address; and start AdhocServerWindows.

Step 9: Start PPSSPP; start Tekken 6, go to network and then into Battle lobby; and tell your friend to do the same.

Step 10: Challenge your friend and enjoy the game J

**Both the players should copy same IP address in the PPSSPP in their respected PCs/Laptops; and the person whose wippien IP address is copied in both the systems should start the AdhocServerWindows.


It recommended that your Windows is updated.

Low ping internet connection is best suited for online play.

You cannot enter into the battle lobby if the IP address of your friend whom with you wish to play appears to be “Blue”. Restarting wippien may help in that case.

16 Comments to Play Tekken 6 Online Multiplayer Via PPSSPP

  1. ilhan says:

    hey bro not working players link

    • Hans says:

      ok; we will fix that link as soon as possible

    • Krush206 says:

      If you are using WinVista or later, Wippien does not set up firewall correctly (I dont know if XP has this issue). I have a fix for this issue, you have to create a new inbound rule on firewall exceptions (For Win7 and later. On WinVista, you should just untick Wippien’s adapter from the firewalled adapters’ list), allowing only connections from IPs which begins with 5.*.*.* for both local and remote entries, so you should input it as this: I have tested it myself and now Wippien works 100%

  2. Anonymous says:

    After completing step 4, and getting success message, when i move to next step, it says that wippien network adapter is not installed.
    And on the IP address bar it says “No network”

    How to resolve this issue?

  3. amine says:

    it say host not found

  4. amine says:

    no when i click on test account it says host not found

  5. Anonymos says:

    GooD 🙂 Got to play Tekken online after years. Thx u very much.

  6. aLI says:

    all are offline , played with air ??

  7. Krush206 says:

    Try P2PVPN, it’s much more portable and simpler

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