All About Call Of Duty WWII

  The largest cinema screen in Britain i.e. BFI IMAX revealed the intentions of Call of Duty going back to its roots.“Call Of Duty World War 2” world-wide reveal took place at London on April 26th 2017. The official world-wide reveal trailer of COD WW2 started with Normandy Invasion (commonly known as D-Day, which is one of the most deadly battles of World War 2 that took place in June 1944) with “Winston Churchill’s” most iconic speech of World War 2, in background. The entire event lasted for not moreRead More

Digital Strategy for HealthCare in India

The healthcare sector in India is growing at a tremendous speed owing to investments by public as well as private partners. The total industry size is expected to be $160 Billion by 2017 and $280 Billion by 2020. Also, 50 new technologies are expected to develop during FY16.   Per ca-pita healthcare expenditure is expected as a CAGR of 5% during FY 2008-15 to US $68.6 Billion by 2015. Greater penetration of health insurance and increasing economic prosperity is also giving a boost to investment in these sectors. Several initiativesRead More

All About Call Of Duty 2017

Call of Duty World war 2, Activision

Its neither Infinite Wars nor Treyarch, the upcoming chapter of almighty Call of Duty is developed by Sledgehammer Games who developed 2014’s Call of Duty: Advance Warfare. According to recent article by Tom Philips at Eurogamer, the 2017 Call of Duty is named as ‘Call of Duty: WW2”. The earliest rumours about 2017’s Call of Duty came in place a week back when a YouTube Channel named “TheFamilyVideoGamers” showed leaked images (with mostly depicting Normandy Invasion or D-Day) of next Call of Duty which they received from unknown resources. However,Read More

Play NFS: MW on LAN via HotSpot on Windows 10

It has been more than a decade since the last Need For Speed came on LAN, and we still receive searches on “How to play NFS: MW on Lan across various platforms”. So, today I am going to tell you how to play NFS: Most Wanted on LAN on Windows 10 via wif-fi/tethering HotSpot. Perquisites: You need to have Windows 10 laptop/laptops. A smartphone (android is preferable). Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2005 PC game. So, here are the steps (every step is very important) which you need to followRead More

All About Facebook App Version

  Now ‘Facebook mobile app’ walks hand in hand with ‘Instagram’ and ‘What’s app’. Yes, the recent update of Facebook mobile app i.e. version now has the option to post ‘Your story’ in a similar manner which some of us are already addicted to use in ‘Instagram’ and in ‘What’s App’ as well, where this feature still comes under “my status”. We actually knew that this feature is coming soon when a week ago, a similar feature known as ‘Add your day” was added to Facebook messenger app. ForRead More