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All About Nike+ FuelBand

FuelBand, SmartBand, E-friendship band

Price: Not yet Available

Everything seems to get smarter now; smart TV, smartphones, smart watches and now smart wristbands too. This could be a modern alternative to a friendship band. Nah, it’s not a friendship band either, it’s a fitness tracker. Yes, you’ve seen many fitness trackers till now; but smarter than this?? Yeah, surely not!

When in a loop, it clasps around your arm by means of a USB port on one end. Yes a USB port in place of a hook. Nike+ FuelBand features a camouflaged screen built in to display your stats. FuelBand is slightly advance than a pedometer; it uses a three-axis gyroscope system to keep a track of your activities such as steps taken, calories burned, etc. Like all the smart-watches, it syncs with an iOS app and Nike’s online community to help you keep track of your fitness milestones better.

Well, this is a gift for enthusiastic joggers from the world’s largest apparels manufacturer, Nike. Nike+ FuelBand has a built-in battery that lasts for 4 days.


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