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How to Play NFS: Most Wanted on Lan in Windows 8.1 using Wi-Fi

NFS Most wanted  LAN play 4 laptops


(This article is old, now learn to play NFS: MW on LAN on Windows 10 using wifi Hotspot by clicking here )

Where racing is the passion, you can’t get anything better than Need For Speed: Most Wanted; The only racing game by EA sports that can be played through LAN. Here I am going to tell you “How to Play NFS: MW through LAN in Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1 using Wi-fi.

1)  In Windows 7

Step 1: Open Network and Sharing Center.

Create Adhoc Server in Windows 7 to play any game


a)  Click on “Manage Wireless Networks” present at left-side.

b)  Click on “Add”

c)   Click on “Create an ad hoc network” then click on next.

d) Name the network, for example “gadgetultra”.

e)  Provide a password for that network or select “NO Authentication”.

f)   Created ad hoc network appears at “Networks” present in task bar.

g)  The same network (say “gadgetultra”) will now appear on other laptops also, tell your friends to connect to it.


Step 2: Right Click on the NFS short-cut, or on speed.exe icon.

a)  Click on “Properties”

b) Click on “Compatibility”

c)  Click on “Run this program in compatibility mode for:”

d)Select “Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

e)  Click on “Ok”


Compatibility Settings for Need For Speed: MW1

Step 3: Start the game

a)  Go to “LAN Play”

b) Ask one friend to create the LAN server by pressing 1.

c)  Ask him to “create game

d) That LAN server will appear in other laptop in the “LAN PLAY”; ask them to join it.


Enjoy the game 🙂



a)  The other laptops other than on which the ad hoc network is created need not to have windows 7 necessarily; they can have Windows 8, Windows XP but not Windows 8.1.

b)  If any problem occurs during connecting to LAN server inside the game, try the compatibility with “Windows XP (Service Pack 3)

c)  It is advisable to “Turn off the Firewall” during LAN play in case server not showing.

d)If you are playing NFS: Most wanted for the first time on your laptop, then before following the “a)” of “Step 3”;  press “Alt+Esc”, click on “Allow Access” on the window that appears.

e)  Even if three Laptops out of four (since only four players can play NFS at a time on LAN) have windows 8, except one which have Windows 7; this process will work.

f) Do not keep your laptop in power saver mode, otherwise it’ll hang a lot during race.

2)  In Windows 8

Problem occurs if all the four laptops are having Windows 8.

There are two solutions to the problem:

a) Using a Router

If you are having a Wi-Fi router (Say in a Hostel Campus”, you can directly connect to the Router and follow the Step 2 and Step 3 stated above in Windows 7.

b)           Creating a Hot spot:

Windows 8 doesn’t offer users to create ad hoc network directly, check this link to create hot spot

Or the best way is to create a hot spot from your smartphone and connect all the laptops with it. This is certainly the best 100% working, fully tested with 0% hanging problems for playing nfs through LAN

3)  In Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 doesn’t offer to create ad hoc network as well, the major drawback is that it doesn’t even detect the ad hoc network created in a Windows 7 laptop.

Solution: The only solution is to follow the solution “a” stated inside Windows 8.

 Check this video, Enjoy the LAN Race


1)  While using a router, there is no compulsion of having Windows 8 in all the systems. It can be Windows 7 on one, Windows 8.1 on another or Windows 8 in all the rest, and so on.

2)  The “Step” 2 and “Note d” in Windows 7 is common and most important while playing NFS in LAN in all the Windows OS.



Check out Special report on Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2005to read the special report on Need for speed: Most Wanted

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  1. […] 5) You can learn to create ad hoc network in Windows 7 and in the other Window OS’ here […]

  2. Karl says:

    Thanks for the post. I will try it asap. It is very difficult to find good racing games with LAN support :\

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  5. shivam Sharma says:

    when i try to join a network the game crashes……i am playing nfs mw 2009…and i have win 8…….can u suggest a soltion

    • Hans says:

      Do remember to run the game in the compatibility mode of Windows XP service Pack 3, and make sure you run the game as an administrator 🙂

  6. Thanveer says:

    Bro,Can you please tell me how to play multiplayer in windows 10, I have been trying for days and still can’t figure it out,I was able to play Counter Strike source by creating hotspot through CMD ,But when i tried the same for NFS it dint work,SO please Help me out,Thanks

  7. Niranjan says:

    i have problem to connect with LNA to windows 10 & 7

  8. yogesh kumar says:

    Its a bad idea because i m follow this instructions but in the game to show the check your connection and network system.please help me
    Fast solution of tgis problem please please

  9. MySoulCraft YT says:

    windows xp(service pack 5) ????
    help please!!!

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