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All About Need For Speed: The Run



Price: Rs.1400 for PlayStation 3 version

               Rs. 600 for PC version

               Rs. 3300 for Xbox 360 version


When you are in trouble what you think to do first RUN…..this is the easiest way to solve your problem right? But what will you do if your problems run with you and your life is on stake. This is the best way to describe about the game which was launched by Electronic Arts in its longest franchise NFS. Yeah we are talking about Need for Speed: THE RUN. Launched in 2011 by Electronic Arts and developed by EA Black Box which this game is about your life on stake. In this edition not only cops are after you urban traffic, icy mountains all are in front of you and your freedom .In the edition it is first time in the history of Need For Speed, the player can play as third person, though it is a part of storyline but this is the first time ever in history of the franchise. The plot of this edition is simple the player took the role of Jackson aka jack who is a fearless driver who lives in San Francisco, to start some business he borrows money but failed to repay the money so they find him to get their money back.

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After escaping from narrow death jack goes to his ex-girlfriend and current business partner Samantha Harper aka Sam. She tells him a way to get out this mess. She recommends to participate in an illegal massive street race THE RUN which is 4828 kilometers long from San Francisco to New York City and win the race. She gave him $250,000 for the entrance and promises him to cut 10% on 25 million jackpot but to win the race he has to beat 209 others drivers as well as take care of police and other criminals because they want that Jack can never finish the race. Can Jack finish the game? Can he repay all his debt? Or he will be dead. Find out in Need For Speed: The Run.

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This edition of Need For Speed is the combination of some exciting cars and versatile locations. The story-line is simple and good. The game took 3 years in the making and took the longest development period.The graphics are excellent from the previous versions .The run receives mixed reviews from the critics ign gave it  6.5 out of 10. It also provide multi-player option in which up to 8 players can play together. The most attractive part of this racing game is the last and the final race which itself stands above all the races featured in previous editions.
It is available for PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360,Wii U. The story-line for Nintendo 3Ds and Wii are different from other platforms.