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All About Metro: Last Night

4A Games

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All just an over-rated trailer or this game has something inside to attract gamers; that time will tell. Release due on 17th May this year, Metro: Last Night is the next installation to previously released Metro 2033 which will feature the struggle of mankind for their survival beneath the Metro tunnels at post-apocalyptic Moscow, when all the outsiders (both animals and human) are infected by a poisonous virus and have become uncontrollable mutants. A 4A Games production, Metro: Last Night is inspired by a Russian Novel written by Dmitry Glukhovsky named “Metro 2034”, which could be the last edition of this game.

Deep Silver, Artyom, 4A games

“Artyom” is the leading character of this 1st person Shooter video game. Where all the other remnants of mankind are willing to capture a deadly weapon that could actually bring doomsday, Artyom tries to find a way to protect mankind.  Artyom bravery, darkness of tunnel and an invisible threat, that’s all the excitement of this game.

Published by “Deep Silver”, Metro: Last Night will be released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows, with Wii U edition still remains controversial on account of it’s slow CPU.

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