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All About Killzone: Mercenary

First Person Shooter, Brutal Killing, Upcoming game

Price: Not yet Available

Plot is set just next to original Killzone with most of the events are taken from Killzone trilogy. Arran Danner is a contract killer and a former UCA-soldier, who is in contract to kill Vektan Ambassador and his family in Pyrrhus. Something strange happens in this contract where Danner realizes that the outcome of the war depends on the fate of Ambassador’s son. Arran Danner, who takes contracts from ISA as well as the Helghast without any qualms, is now thinking about the consequences. “Killzone: Mercenary” gives a chance to gamers to fight alongside ISA experts as well as Helghast forces to carry out typical missions which traditional soldiers can’t. This game goes beyond the selection of good and bad, there is only war, missions and killing.

Killzone, Sony Computer Entertainment

Game will feature some new weaponry when compared to previous installations. First-person shooter video game which allows players to decide which tactics they’ll use to complete their contract. Developed by “Guerrilla Cambridge”, “Killzone: Mercenary” will utilize PlayStation Vita’s touch screen and rear touch panel. Due release on September 4 and 10 in Europe and North America respectively, Mercenary will be launched exclusively for PlayStation Vita. Game will be available as a downloadable content and as a PlayStation Vita card.

Volumetric simulation

The physics engine used for this game is a modified version of “Havok”, which supports volumetric simulation with smoke simulation as well similar to Octave Engine. Similar to “PantaRay”, Havok is also capable to simulate shadows. Game is already hyped as “Guerrilla Games” haven’t developed this game directly and Sony Computer Entertainment looking to fill the losses suffered by God of War: Ascension.

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