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All About Intel 4th Generation Core Processors

4th gen core processor, GPU, Nvidia, Physx


That time is near when the leading GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) manufacturing companies such as Nvidia Corporation, will come on road. Father of revolutionary “Cuda” and Optimus technologies, Nvidia Corporation can actually come on road??

Well, the upcoming 4th generation Intel® core processors are going to shake the fortune of many video card manufacturing companies. Intel 4th generation core processors will be equipped with highly advanced GPU which will beat every other dedicated graphics card manufactured till date.

In San Francisco at the Game Developers Conference, Intel’s European Games Enabling Manager, “Richard Huddy” revealed that Intel is working on two entirely new graphics technologies namely “PixelSync” that allows game developers to create effects using Order Independent Transparency and “InstantAccesss”.  These two technologies aims at supporting games that runs at higher frame per seconds. Intel has even created driver extensions for those two technologies which will be found inside 4th Gen Core processors. “PixelSync” technology focuses upon every small pixel in a proper sequence (where graphics data is send through a pixel pipeline), which helps to accurately simulate body dynamics, volumetric dynamics and other complex body geometry.

Up till now, even in Intel 3rd gen Intel® Core i7 processors, there was not much support for video games that runs at higher frames per second, for the games, they just had Intel HD graphics 4000 which was of no match with dedicated video memory of Nvidia- GeForce or ATI Radeon.

Intel’s “InstantAccess” driver extension allows the GPU and CPU to use same shared memory with no scope of interference by DirectX API; thus, “InstantAccess” stands right on top of DirectX 11.1.

The only thing left for Nvidia is to focus upon the Physics Engines (Physics engines are the simulators used to simulate certain real life physics in a virtual environment) for manufacturing games; where it’s PhysX remains the master piece.

Up to what resolution the Intel 4th generation core processor will support is not revealed as yet. Price is the only thing that will decide the future of 4th gen core processors as well as many GPU manufacturing companies.

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