Proving Grounds SFV and Tekken 7 tournament in India 2018

Tekken 7 delayed for ILG Season 3

It looks like ILG (Indian LAN Gaming) has postponed Tekken 7 tournaments in India for a later date. Earlier on 19th May , ILG created a buzz in Indian gaming industry by announcing their season 3 with a prize pool of 1.6 CRORE. As per the official poster, the league was supposed to host the tournaments of total of 8 games, namely: DOTA 2, CSGO, FIFA19, RIVALS, SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE, PUBG, Tekken 7 and one more game to be revealed on a later date. On May 28th ILG registrations went live, but unfortunately there were no registrations available for Tekken 7 or Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Tekken 7 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate removed from ILG

Later on the logos of Tekken 7 & SuperSmashBROS Ultimate were removed from the official registration poster. However, there is still no official statement given by ILG (on their official Facebook Page

No registrations for Super Smash Ultimate Bros and Tekken 7 in ILG Season 3 this year or on the website about this. Registrations for Tekken 7 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate are still not found on ILG official website; although the Tekken 7 logo is present on the site, displaying a price pool of INR 2,00,000/-.

Registrations unavailable for Tekken 7 in INDIAN LAN Gaming Season 3 in the year 2019

ILG season 3 is going on in full speed across various cities in the country with 5 games and there is still no update about those fighting games. As per the recent sources, Tekken 7 and Smash will happen somewhere in January next year.

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