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All About HTC Butterfly

Android 4.1.1



Price: Rs. 35499

HTC has launched HTC Butterfly at the early of 2013 with a basic reason of providing competition to Sony’s Xperia Z and ZL. Never less, they provided quite a well competition by producing there Butterfly with exciting features that can make anyone the hardcore fan of it no real practical time.

Starting it with its specification, the phone has a powerful processor of 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Quad Core Processor that can provide the application running on the device like a breeze. Multitasking would be very much easy with the RAM of 2GB and that would also ensure less hanging problems. The operating system being the latest Android 4.1 (JB) would support most of the applications available in market. It has a primary camera of 8 mega pixels and a secondary of 2.1 mega pixels that would create best of the photography sessions you have ever had. The device has an expandable memory of 32 GB with a display of 5 inches Super LCD 3 Capacitive Touch screen.

Getting into a little controversial, its competition Sony Xperia Z has an Android operating system of 4.1.2 in comparison to Butterfly 4.1.1. Addition to it, Xperia has a Primary camera of 13 MP and there boost of providing a certified dust and water resistance device.  And all that with a price difference of Rs. 7900/-. LG Optimus G too had a camera of 13 MP with a price difference of Rs. 9000/.

Never less, HTC has always satisfied their customers by producing gadgets of world class. But in the world of competition, pricing has to done statically to remain in the market. And above all, remain in the hearts of people.

Gadgetultra HTC, World Class HTC

Special Features of HTC Butterfly at a glance

  • OS of Android 4.1.1 JB
  • Wi Fi enabled
  • 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Quad Core Processor
  • 8 MP Primary camera and 1.2 MP Secondary camera
  • 5 inches Super LCD 3 capacitive touch screen

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