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All About Grid 2

World Series Racing

Price: Rs. 999 for PC version,

Rs. 2519 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version.


When we talk about racing, “Need For Speed” series is the first thing that comes in mind; a series that features variety of racing disciplines with a story line holding it altogether. However, arcade racing games like Split/Second: Velocity and “Burnout” paradise city has given a new platform to destructive racing.

Codemasters Southam presents “Grid 2”, successor of “Race Driver: Grid”. Grid 2 features a fictional racing league, named “World Series Racing” which includes various kinds of races across the world. The story-line of this game is more about gaining fans than earning money by winning races. This is a unique game of its genre. Whatever you drove in racing games till now, was not more than driving a three wheeler. Yes, Grid 2 is the most realistic car racing game ever developed; it suggests “Turn left to Turn right” (you’ll understand the meaning of this phrase once you progress in the game).


Launched for Microsoft Windows on May 27th 2013 in North America, for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on 28th May with release due in Japan on 25th July; Grid 2 features a long series of races which includes real locations from Chicago, Paris, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Miami, Barcelona, Algarve, etc.. Similar to NFS series, Grid 2 also include a long line up of cars with exciting races such as elimination races, circuits’ drifts and check-point races. You can also up-grade your cars as the game progresses. New in Grid 2 are the “Time-attack”, “Togue” and the new handling system called “True Feel”. Most addictive part of the game is overtaking challenge. Game also includes an exceptional rally race. Multi-player mode of Grid 2 follows a different progression system. Two things that you’ll miss in this game, first is 1st person cockpoint view, secondly long races.

Time Attack, Knockout

Grid 2 is getting popular among gamers day by day. Audio of this game is exceptional (better than any other racing game). Codemasters has done an incredible job to provide accurate sounds to drifts, engines, locations, application of brakes and crashes according to tracks (surfaces). Grid 2 runs of EGO 3.0 engine, with graphics similar to NFS Most Wanted 2 and available in the form of Optical Disc and as a downloadable content as well.

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