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All About Grand Theft Auto V

GTA, San Andreas, RAGE, Bullet Physics


Price: Rs. 3000/- 

US$ 49

The “Grand Theft Auto V”, receives a grand opening. Total business of US$800 million within 24 hours with the IGN score of 10, takes GTA V on top of any game released in year 2013. Fans were desperately waiting for this game. Their wait came to an end on 17th September, when Grand Theft Auto V was released exclusively for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Developed by Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto V, is basically a third-person action-adventure game set in on open world where you can fight, jump, swim, make-out or anything you wish to. You are equipped with weapons, explosives and vehicles with high level of customization.

Fifteenth edition of Grand Theft Auto series is set in a state of San Andreas (Parallel to Southern California), where player roam about in the city named Los Santos (Los Angeles). For the first time ever, GTA features three protagonists. Grand Theft Auto V is the story of Michael, Trevor (most intelligent among three and monstrously violent) and Franklin who execute six heists to become wealthy. Strange thing is that, character named “Michael” looks similar to Max Payne. These three protagonists are masters of their field. Each of them has a smart-phone which is very useful in the game. You can manually switch between these three as per the mission requirements where Artificial Intelligence can also assist you to select/place the right protagonist at the right place. Best thing is that, these three characters are different from each other; they have different scenario different skills (total of eight for each), different way of living and way of thinking and different interests. Designer “Imran Sarwar” has done tremendous job in setting up these characters.

Frankline, hiests, Theft

Grand Theft Auto V is all about completing mission to make progress in the game. GTA without vehicles is nothing. Similar to previous chapters, GTA V comprises of many vehicles which can be used to explore the game world. Game world has been extended; the open-world feel has been enhanced. The only downside which is well noticed till now is that the characters are inconsistent when they interact with each other.

“RAGE” with “Euphoria” and “Bullet Physics” physics engines are used to enhance the graphics.

Directed by Adam Fowler and Programmed by Alex Hadjadj, “Grand Theft Auto V” became popular much before it world-wide release. It certainly breaks the record made by “Call Of Duty: Black OPS 2” which was of $500 million in one day. When everyone was thinking that most of the game awards will be won by Tomb Raider, GTA V made it difficult for critics to decide the overall winner. GTA has got a magical score of 10, 10 and 10 each by Edge, Official PlayStation Magazine (UK) and Official Xbox Magazine respectively.


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  1. game of century……………add pc reqirements please………………as it is coming soon for pcs.

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