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All About Gorilla Glass

Technology of Gorilla glass, unbreakable glass, touchscreen glass, iphone screen

In 2006, Steve Jobs with Wendell Weeks, the CEO of Corning, developed a scratch-resistant, strong glass for Apple’s iPhone. With the success of the Apple iPhone, Corning’s Glass was adopted for use in similar devices.

Manufactured by the U.S. glassmaker Corning, Gorilla Glass is engineered as a combination of lightness, thinness, and damage-resistant so that it can be used as the cover glass for portable electronic devices including Laptops, portable media player, mobile phones display, etc. The increased hardness means that the user is less likely to scratch the phone or any similar device from daily use or contact with any item in one’s pocket or purse.


During the manufacturing of the Gorilla glass, the glass is submersed, at a temperature of approx. 4000C, in molten potassium salt bath, which forces the smaller sodium ions to leave the glass and the space between the other atoms is replaced by the larger potassium ions. When the glass is cooled down, the combined atom produces a high level of compressive stress in glass which results in protecting the surface from any mechanical damage.

unbreakable glass

Gorilla glass enables the device to resist damage that comes with everyday use. Gorilla glass enables the sleekest designs. The composition of Gorilla glass is unique and it allows a deep layer of high compressive stress. The compression exceptionally makes the glass tough and damage resistant. It is important to keep in mind that even the Gorilla glass can break if it is subjected to enough abuse. An important feature of Gorilla glass is that it can be recycled using the standard glass recycling programs.

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