All About GODS Of Gaming Tournament 2018


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It looks like the return of WCG (World Cyber Games) is not the only good news for gamers in India as ‘Gods of Gaming’ is all set to host a major multi-gaming tournament in January 2018. Delhi is the city selected for this event and the price pool is of INR 10, 000, 00/-. The official announcement for the exact venue in Delhi and the date is yet to be announced (27-28th January 2018 are most expected dates). This tournament will feature total of 5 popular games, let’s have a look on them.

  • Call of Duty: World War II:

Call of Duty Tournament in India January 2018. Call of Duty Tournament in Delhi

When Activision decided to get back to its root, there can’t be anything better than COD WW2. ‘Call of Duty’ is arguably the most popular first person shooter video-game series in the world; with the recent chapter coming in the month of November this year, it is an open opportunity for newbies. So, get your Call Of Duty team ready now. Check out the game details at

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  • DOTA 2:

    Dota 2 Tournament in India 2018, Upcoming DOTA 2 Tournament in India

This game does not require any introduction. DOTA 2 is the most popular free to play strategic game on steam. The competition is going to be tough as there are more DOTA players in the country than any other games have. With the new patch coming in the month of November, DOTA 2 will be a treat to watch in ‘Gods of Gaming’.

  • Tekken 7

    Tekken 7 Tournament in India, Upcoming Tekken Tournament in India, Tekken 7 Tournament in Delhi

The King of Iron Fist tournament 7 is arguably the best fighting game released this year. Rated 9.5 by IGN, Tekken 7 has beaten Street Fighter V in terms sales on every platform. The all new Rage- Art, Power-Crush, Rage-Drive and the screw system looks awesome. Delhi is the home for many Tekken players; so we can expect a huge no. of crowd in Tekken 7 as well.

Addition of characters like Akuma and Geese Howard has made the game popular among other fighting game communities as well. Tekken 7 to be played on PlayStation 4 and eradication of input delay by recent update is the big relief for Tekken players.  However, there is no information that will it be single elimination or double elimination.

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  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    Counter Strike Tournament in Delhi, Counter Strike Tournament in India, Upcoming Counter Strike Tournament in India

Similar to DOTA 2, CS GO doesn’t require any introduction. It is said that no other first-person shooter game can evolve in India until they stop playing CS GO. With ‘V3nom’  setting up the new faces in team ‘brutality’,  ‘Kappa’s’ team ‘Semperx’ doing extremely well in recent tournaments and other teams like ‘2ez gaming’ & ‘Entity gaming’ getting the lime light, it is very difficult to judge a winner in this game.

  • FIFA 18:

    FIFA Tournament in India, Upcoming FIFA tournament in India, FIFA 18 Tournament in India

Well, there is a FIFA coming in every next year; and why not it should be?? EA FIFA 18 is certainly the best football simulation video game across the world. FIFA 18 to be played on PlayStation 4 as well.

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Other than gaming, Gods of Gaming will feature some astonishing performances by Mr. Rannvijay Singha, Manik Mahna and Divine. ‘The Spartan Poker’, ‘Circle of Gaming’ and ‘Superhits Red FM 93.5’ are the official partners for this event. Pre-registration for the tournament is now open at