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All About Form-1 3D Printer

Form Lab, 3D Printer

Price: $3299.00 global price


It’s a special type of Printer Based on a very High Speed, best in quality and highly clarified technology i.e. SL or SLA that works behind this super Quality Printer. The First thing about this printer is that it is a 3-D Printer and through this Printer you can turn down your Digital Design or pictures into a real touchable object. The SL technology is Stereo-lithography high standard technology in 3-D printing for super finished surface. It gives a better quality of Design with high standard of resolution through SL technology than any low cost FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) you can watch out the difference by yourself.


Photo-polymer, 3D Printing

It works as a normal Printer, the only difference is that it Prints on a special type of plastic or fiber i.e. in the form of liquid photo-polymer “Resin” instead of printing it on Paper to give your Digital Design a form of real object in front of you in a very short time than any other printer. Now, you can see the things changing around you, your creativity just can’t be hidden it will be seen and admired by all.

It is a Project design by Form Labs and now available in the market on pre-order bookings. This 3-D printer will now connect you and your imagination to the real world by making your design a real world entity.

“Form 2 3D printer is now available, you can visit this link for further info

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  1. Jibran Qazi says:

    Hi Guys,

    First thanks a lot for mentioning our product (Form 1).

    Would it be possible for you link back to us as well?

    Please let me know if this possible as we would really appreciate it 🙂

    We will be combine all our products (Including Form 1) on this page anyways so it would really help.

    I’ll follow up in a day or two.



    Jibran Qazi
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