Proving Grounds SFV and Tekken 7 tournament in India 2018

Fighters ShowDown 2

Fighters ShowDown 2 by Abhinav Singh

As promised by Mr. Malay Singh last year, Fighters ShowDown is back with its 2nd iteration. It has been a great year for Tekken 7 in India. There has been two Dojo tournaments so far and “Fighters Showdown-2” is yet another TWT dojo event which is going to take place in Pune on 31st August this year. Check out the official poster of Fighters ShowDown 2 by Abhinav Singh by clicking here

Here is everything you need to know about Fighters ShowDown 2:

  1. Games included: Tekken 7 & Super Smash Bros Ultimate
  2. Venue: X3 Esports Pune
  3. Date: 31st August (Saturday and it is a single day event)
  4. Sponsor: Brawl To The Wall
  5. Social Media Partners: IndianFGC, Tekkenfreaks, GadgetUltra, InformationTekkenology
Fighters ShowDown Partners and Sponsers

Details and Rules:


Prize Pool: INR 50,000/-

Prize Pool Break-up:

Winner: INR 20,000/-

1st Runner up: INR 15,000/-

2nd Runner up: INR 10,000/-

3rd Runner up: INR 5,000/-

  • Entry Fee: INR 500/- (Includes 100 rupees Venue charges), to be submitted at by Google Pay or Cash at the venue)
  • Platform: PlayStaion 4
    • Rules: TekkenWorldTour 2019 rules
    • Format: Double Elimination
    • Live Stream: BrawlToTheWall Twitch Channel
    • Brackets on as per the TWT guidelines
    • Ranking Points as per TWT 2019 ranking system
    • Tournament Timings: 10am onwards
    • Brackets will be revealed by 9 pm IST on 30th August

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Check the Smash reveal poster on this link

Prize Pool: INR 10,000/-

Prize Pool Breakup:

1st Place: INR 4000/-

2nd : INR 3000/-

3rd  Runner up: INR 2000/-

4th  Runner up: INR 1000/-

Entry Fee: INR 300/- (Includes 100 rupees Venue charges)

Registration (Online Only):

Live Stream: To be decided

Format: Double Elimination

Rules:   Matches will consist of 3 stocks with a 8 minute time limit with Spirits, Hazards and Final Smashes disabled.\

  • Winner of a match cannot change characters without letting the loser know of their choice.
    • Loser of a match can change characters.
    • Stage choice will be as follows:
    • First pick stages: Battlefield, Final Destination, Lylat Cruise, Pokemon Stadium 2 and Smashville.
    • Counter-pick stages: Yoshi’s Story, Yoshi’s Island, Kalos Pokemon League, Castle Siege, Unova Pokemon League, Town and City.
    • After each match, winner is allowed to ban two stages from the available picks.
    • Players are allowed to decide on Omega or Battlefield setup on any stage by mutual consent.
  • Pause option will be disabled.


Event Admin: Malay Singh,
Mob: +91 7030770817, Twitter:

Media Manager: Hans Kumar Gupta, Twitter:

Social Media


  • For any assistance related to travel and stay, feel free to contact event admin
  • For volunteering, you can directly contact to media manager
  • For any queries regarding the tournaments you can reach out above mentioned social media channels
  • Prize money will be credited by means of account transfer after 45 days of the event
  • Last date of registration for both the games in 30th August 12 pm IST