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All About FIFA 14

Ignite Engine, FIFA Messi


Now, not much time left for FIFA 14 to launch; it’ll be in your hands by 26th September.  EA sports doesn’t want to leave any corner untouched, for this reason, this edition of FIFA will be launched for twelve platforms which include Anroid, iOS and Microsoft Windows too. However, Windows 8-smartphones going to miss this game. Even the promotion scheme is planned so well, that a demo of the game will be released word-wide on September 10.

Talking about the game features, similar to rest of the editions of FIFA series, FIFA 14 will also include a Career Mode; but this time, it’s entirely new. Career Mode will feature a “Global Scouting Network” through most countries, which enables hiring a scout to search for talent all season from various clubs world-wide. Yes, soccer talent-hunt this time! Apart from this, the Career Mode hub navigation has also been redesigned.

Coming to the gameplay, “Shooting” has been transformed, gamers are now equipped with intelligence that assist them to adjust their stride and approach angle to find the best position for hitting back of the net. We all know, even in next 5 years, it will not be possible for game developers to incorporate even 80% of real football game in the virtual world. However, moving one step closer to reality; this time players can shoot while off balance or rushed. Team-mates are more cooperative this time; they are smarter and have a better understanding than ever before.

Montenegro national football team will mark their entry in FIFA 14. Total of 20 Brazilian clubs has been licensed with Brazilian National Team. FIFA 14 will also feature Lionel Messi as the main cover star for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows versions. Story isn’t over now, a new mode exclusively for Xbox One version named “Ultimate Team” has been designed which will feature “Legends”, where games can acquire classic players from different eras such as Freddie Ljunberg and Pele.

Ultimate Team, Ignite Physics

Choose your platform on which you would like to play the upcoming football simulation named FIFA 14:

a)      Anroid

b)      iOS

c)      PlayStation 2

d)      Nintendo 3DS

e)      PlayStation 3

f)       PlayStation Portable

g)      PlayStation 4

h)      PlayStation Vita

i)        Wii

j)        Microsoft Windows

k)      Xbox 360

l)        Xbox One


Every corner means each and every corner. Developed by Electronic Arts Canada, FIFA features a new physics engine for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version, named “Ignite”. No doubt that this engine brings realism to this game. Ignite engine make players react more like real things. Realistic motion of players, real ball physics and real environmental features like weather and stadium crowd dynamics are the blessings of this physics engine. When talking about online features, FIFA 14 will feature a new 2v2 online seasons mode.

Blessing of Ignite engine. Football game

Fans are desperately waiting for this game; the demo game which will be launched on September 10 will clear most of the things. Yes, when launched for Anroid and iOS, this game will get a tough competition from popular mobile games such as Temple run.


Attractive features of FIFA 14 at a glance:

1)      All new global Scouting network.

2)      Return of Brazilian national team to FIFA

3)      Ultimate Team concept

4)      Return of Lionel Messi as the main cover star.

5)      Ignite engine.

6)       Will be available for almost all the platforms.

7)      Players can now shoot while off balanced or rushed.

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