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All About Facebook SMS

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With the increasing need of secure communication, Facebook has finally come forward with its newest feature for messenger that promises to provide end to end encryption to its intended users.

End to end encryption implies that no one else, including the Government and the company itself can see the content of the message but only the users who are communicating will be aware of the content.

Although, it is not the first time for the world to witness something like this since almost every tech giant is attempting to incorporate end to end encryption on their own fronts, for instance, Google has already announced the arrival of its new messaging app “Allo” integrated with the same facility and Apple is also using it in its “iMessage” from quite some time now. Even Facebook has been practicing secure communication in its sister company Whatsapp from couple of months.


Despite the fact that it is not new, there is something different to the upcoming secret message service of Facebook, the users will be given the choice to activate it and control the time for which the content of messages can be seen but it comes with the obligation of using it only on one device making it platform dependent to some extent. The compulsion to use it on a single device is possibly due to the implementation complexities involved. Hence, the company has chosen to provide the service for limited duration at first for trial.

Also, the videos and GIFs cannot be shared among the users who opt for the service at present. The protocol used is Signal which is developed by Open Whisper Systems and extensively used in the functioning of similar kind of apps.

According to Facebook, the whole and sole purpose of adding this feature is to facilitate the users to have confidential talks (related to health and finance) over the messaging app.

In order to prevent the misuse, it is planned to introduce one more feature of “report abuse” which can be enabled by the users involved, in case, they find something suspicious and it will delay the time of deletion of messages.

It will be interesting to see how the company is going to make the implementation of the feature technically flawless, user-friendly and simple enough to turn it in a successful attempt overall because the slightest mistake can make things go awry.