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All About Facebook App Version

Facebook Mobile Application Version complete review


Now ‘Facebook mobile app’ walks hand in hand with ‘Instagram’ and ‘What’s app’. Yes, the recent update of Facebook mobile app i.e. version now has the option to post ‘Your story’ in a similar manner which some of us are already addicted to use in ‘Instagram’ and in ‘What’s App’ as well, where this feature still comes under “my status”. We actually knew that this feature is coming soon when a week ago, a similar feature known as ‘Add your day” was added to Facebook messenger app.

For those who are still not aware about the options available under “Your Story” feature, let me tell you that this feature allows you to temporarily share multiple photos and clips with your contacts; the media files are going to disappear after 24 hours from the time you’ve uploaded them and you cannot go back and check what all you shared, once 24 hours have past. So, it’s more of a day to day stuff to share what all things going with and around you. And yes, sarcastically you won’t receive any notification after a year, stating that “You have memories to look back on today” which you might regret now. So, no looking back, go with the flow with this new feature.

Facebook mobile app new update

“Your Story” feature in Facebook app is slightly different. Here you can share your stuff ‘Your story’ and as a post (Facebook post) as well where you can select privacy as public/friends/friends except/only me. In both the cases, the media is going to disappear after 24 hours (so, this is how it is different from posting a temporary profile photo on Facebook). You can also send ‘Your story” to specific people in your friend-list.

Other available options under “Your Story” are:

  • You can see how many people have viewed your story.
  • Who all have seen your story
  • You can mention the specific photo/clip posted by a friend and can comment on that.

Apart from “Your Story”, there are few more noticeable additions in the version The new version comes with a camera button at the up-left corner which let’s you share your clicks as a post or as “Your Story”. Well, I don’t see any advantage of that camera button when you already have “Your Story” button. Another useless addition is the “Direct” button which possess the same ability. Interestingly the button which was used to check the active friends on your contact list and was present at the up-right corner has been removed in this version. Now there is only one button on the top most right, which is of messenger; So if you wish to chat on FB, you need to have fb messenger installed.

When asked in the conference held at Berlin (Germany) back in Feb 2016 by a journalist, that “Considering the current status of Twitter, if you were the CEO of Twitter what would you do right now?” Mark Zuckerberg replied that twitter should learn from what we have done with Instagram. Since the time, Facebook Incorporation overtook Instagram, the number of Instagram users have increased drastically across the globe. It is pretty obvious that Facebook Inc. is doing a great job in maintaining all the three social networking tools (fb, What’s app & Instagram and their mobile apps), thereby making sure that people are equally engaged these networks and don’t find any reason to look for other social media options.

Recently, a “what’s app” update had to face a lot of criticism due to its new “My Status” feature; thankfully the new update (2.17.107) has resolved the problem and the old feature of updating text under “my status” option is back along with new “my status” option where you can upload multiple media files. Hopefully, very soon the “My Status” option in what’s app will be renamed as “Your Story”.

To sum up, these updates and particularly version of Facebook mobile app might just the beginning of new generation of even more interactive and time efficient conversations which will include less text and more visuals.


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4 Comments to All About Facebook App Version

  1. Chips says:

    Anyone else experiencing flashing screen and crash on startup after updating to this version.

    • Hans says:

      yes, today itself one of my friend is facing the same problem, he is using XIOMI REDME NOTE (3G). However this version is working absolutely fine on my phone. I am using Lenovo A7020a48

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