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Enemy Territory Special Report

Role of Soldier, role of Covert Op, Role of Field Op, Engineer and Medic


Developed by “Splash Damage” Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a direct sequel to legendary first-person shooter video game “Wolfenstein: Return to Castle”. Enemy Territory is a dedicated Multiplayer game and it is still as popular as Counter Strike nowadays.

Plot is set at the World War 2 when the Europe was divided into two hostile groups namely “Axis” and “Allies”. This game does include some real locations of Germany and real weaponry used by Nazi’s in World War II. You walk into the game by choosing either side i.e. Axis or Allies. There are total of four Game-types that Enemy Territory offers, namely “Single-map objective”, “Stopwatch”, “Campaign” and “Last-man standing”.

While playing any of the Game-types mentioned above, you can either become a “Soldier”, “Engineer”, “Medic”, “Field Ops” or “Covert Ops” in order to fight for respective teams.

Capabilities of characters:

1)    Soldier: A soldier is equipped with lots of guns, he can choose any one gun/weapon at a time from the given list:

  1. Thompson (Held only by a Soldier from Allies team)
  2. MP 40 (Can be Held only by a Soldier from Axim team)
  3. Flame Thrower
  4. MOBILE MG42

Other than any one of the weapon from above, a Soldier has a knife, a pistol and four hand-grenades.

2)    Engineer: An Engineer is the only person in the game who can plant dynamites and Land mines. Other than that he is equipped with a knife, a pistol, hand grenades and a choice to select any one gun from the following list:

  1. a.     Thompson (Can be Held only by an Engineer from Allies team)
  2. MP 40 (Can be Held only by an Engineer from Axim team)
  3. c.      M1 GARAND (Can be Held only by an Engineer from Allies team)
  4. d.    K43 (Can be Held only by an Engineer from Axis team)

3)    Medic:  A medic can make alive the dead members by giving them injections and can provide health to the wounded members of his team. His default health is 123HP; He can either choose a Thompson or a MP 40, each with just 30 bullets depending upon the team he is playing for.


4)    Field Ops: They are somewhat similar to Lieutenants of Wolfenstein: Return to Castle. Field Ops can:

  1. a.     Call for Air Support,
  2. b.    Provide Ammo to other team members, 

Apart from these abilities, he can either choose a Thompson or a MP 40, depending upon the team he is playing for.

5)    Covert Ops: They are the most advance members of the team equipped with modern weapons. Covert Ops can:

  1. a.     Destroy the Command Post and Assault Ramp by the use of remote controlled bombs.
  2. b.    Can drop smoke pallets.

Apart from these abilities, Covert Ops can choose one gun from the following list:

  • Sten
  • FG2 (Can be used as sniper)
  • K43

Tips and Tricks

Among all the Game-types offered by Enemy Territory, “Single-Map objective” is the most played and most exciting game-type. And even in “Single-map objective”, the Seawall Battery, Fuel Dump, Rail Gun and Wurzburg Radar are the most extraordinary stages. Here are some tips and tricks regarding selected stages for 5 players each side game.

1)   Seawall Battery:


Siegfried, Best Colg LAN game

a)    Playing as an Axis team:

While playing in Seawall, the Allies team is in advantage. Tips for Axis team are:

  • Choose the combination of 3 Covert Ops, 1 Field Op and 1 Engineer in the beginning.
  • All the Covert Ops should select FG2.
  • One Covert Op each should keep an eye on the enemies through the window in the forward bunker and the window opposite to it, while the other players make sure that assault ramp is not constructed.
  • Once the Assault ramp is constructed, send the engineer to “Siegfried” (the Axis battery), while the other Covert Ops should try to destroy the Assault Plant with the help of remote controlled bomb.
  •  Always use the Axis-only gates to reach the “Siegfried” (the Axis battery), as it is the shortest way to reach the target that Axis should safeguard.
  • In case enemy crosses the assault ramp, do not march outside the forward bunker, alive players of axis team should not allow the Allies to capture the forward bunker.
  • Once forward bunker is captured by Allies, try the combination of 1 Medic, 1 Field OP and 3 engineers (all with K43 gun); and try to re-capture the forward bunker.

Assault plan constructed, feild ops

b)   Playing as an Allies team:

  • Choose the combination of 2 soldiers, 2 engineers and 1 Covert Op.
  • At least one soldier should carry the “PLANZER FAUST” to clear the gun-shots coming from forward bunker, while the Covert Op should clear the path for the engineers to construct the assault ramp.
  • Once the Assault ramp constructed, don’t let the Axis to destroy it; Covert Op should clear the man at the left window situated just opposite to the forward bunker so that the engineers may cross the assault ramp and capture the forward bunker.
  • Once the forward bunker is captured, you have already won the 70% of the battle; either 1 Covert Op or a Soldier should guard the back door of forward bunker so that Axis can’t re-capture it.
  • Engineers should plant more than one dynamites at “Siegfried” (the Axis battery).


Tricks and Tips for other locations will be uploaded soon.

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