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All About Enemy Front

enemy front VS Call of Duty

Release date: June 10 2014.

World War 2 still remains the most devastating war fought on earth and the secrecies are such that it’ll remain a debatable topic even after its 100th anniversary. There been a long list of Video games that simulated the atmosphere of World War 2 as an attempt to unveil the secrets of the war. Its “Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory” where gamers still love to split into the teams of Axis & Allies to counter each other in the most controversial locations of Europe and “Call of Duty: World at War” remains the most successful first person shooter based on World War 2.

Developed by CI games, published by Bandai Namco Games, “Enemy Front” is yet another first-person shooter based on World War 2. This is the story of an American Correspondent named Robert Hawkins who is caught up with various sturdy groups across Europe during World War 2. Robert seeks help from a French resistance fighter and forms a team and there after a series of intense combat begins.

The storyline of Enemy Front is very interesting, not to mention that the Second World War was in itself very interesting. Game is played through Robert’s flashback. Game includes real historical events which highlights Nazi atrocities committed in Europe. Enemy front is packed in with long line-up of WW2 weaponry which is used for intense combat, snipping, stealth, and sabotage. It does offer a lot more snipping than Call of Duty: World at War have offered. Involvement of brutal events at Poland and Norway are the best features of Enemy Front cause these locations were untouched by mainstream World War 2 games. You’ll notice that game emphasis more on Warsaw Uprising with almost half of the levels include that.

sniper mission in CI enemy Front

Had it been year 2008 or 2009, and “Enemy Front” is released, its graphics could be acceptable. But this is year 2014 and the graphics of Enemy Front is of no match with the games of today. Earlier this game was set to release late in year 2012, but then delayed to early 2013. Locations are designed in a manner that you’ll recognize, yes this is historical Poland, but it’s not so attractive. Second problem is the background score of the game. If we exclude few levels, the music of Enemy Front fails to create that intense atmosphere of WW2.

By the time you’re finished with Enemy Front, you’ll surely notice the poor Artificial Intelligence incorporated in this game. No, Nazi’s were not so imperfect and slow. This is a game that features brutalism of Nazi’s with less Nazism in them this time. Had “Lanchester Submachine gun” not been removed from the game just before its release (which was represented as signature weapon in earlier trailers, and for which the 2013 release was delayed), the entire game could have been different.

norway invasion of adolf hitler, dark Nazi


If you are World War 2 story fan, Enemy Front surely has something more for you,(it does shows you the other side of war) which will tell you about some rare events of WW2 in Robert Hawkins’ way. Otherwise, Call of Duty: World at War is the best first-person shooter video game to brief you about World War 2. Enemy Front only questions that Bandai Namco games should quit publishing first-person shooters.

Enemy Front is released for Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 3.

Minimum System Requirements:

1)    2Gb of DDR2 RAM

2)    Intel Dual Core Processor

3)    1Gb video card, Nvidia GeForce or ATI Radeon or Intel HD 3000 in case you have 4GB DDR3 RAM with 2nd gen Core i3 processor.

Recommended System Configuration:

1)    4Gb DDR3 RAM

2)    Intel Core i3 3rd gen or equivalent Amd processor

3)    1Gb Nvidia GeForce or equivalent. 

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