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All About ChromeBook

Amazing Laptop Series, Google Chrome OS

A Chromebook is a PC which uses Google Chrome OS as its operating system. Google, Lenovo and Hewlett Packard entered the market in 2013 whereas the first Chromebooks were announced at Google I/O developer conference in May 2011 for sale by Samsung and Acer Inc. A desktop version known as Chromebox was also introduced in May 2012. Primarily, the Chromebooks are sold online, both from company’s retail partner as well as directly from Google.


According to Google, the Chromebooks have a limited boot time of 8 seconds and has limited offline capability. As claimed by Google, the Chromebook can operate up to 8 hours on one battery charge. The Chrome Web Store allows the users to add web apps instead of installing and using traditional applications such as IM and word processing. Also, it has been claimed by Google that the Google Chrome OS eliminates the need of Anti-virus software because of the multi-layer security architecture. The Chromebooks manufactured by Samsung and Acer Inc. were the first two commercially available Chromebooks and were available in both 3G and Wi-Fi versions.


At a press briefing held on 7 December 2010, Google’s first Chromebook, the Cr-48 laptop was announced. The Cr-48 laptop was reference hardware design which was designed to test the Chrome OS. The Cr-48 was designed with the intention of testing only and not for retail sales. In early December 2010, 60,000 Cr-48s were distributed by Google to testers and reviewers. The Cr-48 laptop allowed the reviewers to evaluate the Chrome OS.

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The Samsung Series 3 that costs $250 and the Acer c7 that costs $200 emerged in 2012 and were the two lowest cost Chromebooks. A desktop machine that used Chrome OS as its Operating System was first developed by Samsung and was named as Chromebox that has a starting price of $1300.


Google announced the price reduction on Chromebooks on 21 November, 2011. Since then, the price of Wi-Fi Samsung Series 5 was reduced to a price of $349, the price of Acer AC700 was reduced to $299 and the price of 3G Samsung Series 5 was reduced to a price of $449. In October 2012 at San Francisco, the Series 3 Chromebook was introduced with the Samsung Chromebook XE303. In comparison to Chromebook 550, the Samsung Series 3 was lighter and thinner and was priced at $249. Due to its affordable price and simple OS, the Series 3 was marketed by Google as “The computer for everyone”. For some reviewers, the lower price proved as watershed. People use laptops and computers for word processing, playing flash games, Instant Messaging and Chromebook does many of the things.


Google introduced a 32 GB Chromebook pixel in February 2013 and was tagged with a price of $1,299. The price of Chromebook pixel was six times that of Acer C7. The pixel drew the attention of users and was praised due to its high resolution screen and exterior design. A 64 GB 4G LTE model was introduced in April 2013 by Google and was priced at $1,499.


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