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All About Casio G-Shock GB6900

GB6900, bluetooth watch, phone finder, smart watch


Price: Rs. 9,990/-

US $171

Incoming call alert, incoming mail alert, facebook, twitter alert, calendar event notification, link loss alert and if you expect sms notifications and caller-ID, you are expecting more than required. G-Shock GB6900 is exactly like the standard of G-SHOCK watches that we know and that we are fan of.

This sports watch features Bluetooth connectivity that allows it to pair with an iPhone, adding the “smart” in the sports watch which makes it a smart watch. The connectivity is very useful as you do get notifications for calls, social networks, e-mail and even Weibo. GB6900 is little expensive when compared to other smart watches offering same functionalities, but it is more reliable for sure.

Smart watch, iPhone connectivity

All your notifications (calls or various alerts) pop on the tiny little monochrome display. While it is now 6” monster, it serves its purpose by providing you with only important/essential information.

G-Shock GB6900 features an exceptional “phone finder” feature. Long pressing the button placed on right-side down will set your iPhone screeching for help from whatever corner of the world it’s lying abandoned in, as long as it’s within range of the watch.

Auto reconnection, call notification

Overall, a stylish watch GB6900 is, which even offers “auto reconnection” feature; and if you own a smartphone, then why not a smart watch with it?


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  1. For me this G-shock bluetooth is amazing , but whats missing is that it doesn’t work with Android phones only with Iphones and some weird phones not out yet. One of my friend bought it, and returned the watch, because it did not work with his iPhone 5 & the directions were in Japanese (that what he said). He had to call an get help & direction in English. It still didn’t help, so, he just returned it. *sigh

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