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What is an image processor?

In layman terms, an image processor can be defined as the one that interprets or processes user’s needs and facilitate them with all the features in terms of the on-screen appearance.

It is also known as media processor. Basically, an image processor is a chip with multi processor architecture that is in-built into a digital camera. It utilizes parallel computing even with SIMD or MIMD technologies in order to maximize speed and efficiency. Image processing processes the signal and efficiency. Image processing processes the signal and transforms the image signal into an adequately illustrated exact image.


BIONZ Imaging Processor

The image processing engine is all that one needs to resolve about the accuracy and precision of an image. Sony’s BIONZ Image Processing Engine implants in mind a life-like snapshot taken by an α DSLR. It provides rich texture and depth to the image. This processor works in union with Exmor CMOS sensor which discards noise during raw data conversion and image processing. After processing, the outcome is a much more realistic and true-to-life picture with excellent detailing. It prevents the extra color from spreading and controls brightness, giving you raised color pictures with rich tonal graduations and high level of detailing just as the human eye sense them. Generally CCD sensors were used for small and digital cameras, but nowadays CMOS sensors are used instead for better quality and battery life.  This CMOS sensor with Exmor technology enables it to provide higher resolution and better sensitivity with a large dynamic range.

This high-speed image processing engine also enables you to seize even the swift moves easily with rather quick and precise autofocus. This makes it possible to sustain shooting speeds of up to 4 frames per second (fps) in Live View Mode, and up to 5fps with the optical viewfinder.
It has been incorporated into all Sony’s latest compact and professional cameras as well as camcorders.
Sony’s BIONZ processor has turned round the digital camera industry and it is definitely going to be something fecund in the near future providing users with the enjoyable and immersive experience.

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