Proving Grounds SFV and Tekken 7 tournament in India 2018

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Proving Grounds 2 Live Stream

Proving Grounds 2 Tekken 7 timings

Bandai Namco has open the gates for competitive Tekken for players from almost all the countries by adding Dojo Tournament in the list of Tekken World Tour Events. By now you must be aware of Proving Grounds Season 2 as the first ever Dojo tournament of Tekken World Tour in India. Tournament Venue, timings, entry fee and details about the Prize Pool is available on this link. More information about Dojo tournament can be found here: Proving Grounds 2 will be streamed live on Indian FGC official TwitchRead More

All About Koenigsegg One:1

sister of agera, 400mm discs, green driving car

  Price: Not yet available This monster stunned everyone in the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. Touching the speed of 400 kph in 20 seconds and then returning back to zero in not more than 10 seconds defines its uniqueness. Recognized as world’s first Mega Car, “Koenigsegg One:1” is named after its power to weight ratio of 1:1. One:1 is packed with hell a lot of new features. Unique track optimized aero winglets, extended venturi tunnels & side splitters and optimized active undertrim air management are among the most attractive featuresRead More

All About Panasonic P81

octa core panasonic, play more p81

Price: Rs. 17,850/- Well, this is another slab like smartphone out in market; it is sleek, shiny and well built. The P81 is the Panasonic’s first octa-core smartphone in India. Priced almost same as Sony Xperia M 2 dual, the Panasonic P81 beats most of the smartphones of this range in performance. Panasonic P81 is just 7.9mm thick; it is has a great built and we find it very much handy. The back of P81 is kind a similar to Samsung Galaxy S5. The 5.5-inch IPS LCD display of P81Read More

All About Toyota FT-1 Concept

Price: Not Available as yet A PlayStation 3 exclusive, Gran Turismo 6 (abbreviated as GT6) is basically a racing video game released on December 6 2013. GT6 is the twelfth game of the very popular Gran Turismo video game series developed by “Polyphony Digital”. GT6 featured some exceptional sports car concepts, one of which is going to be manufactured in real-world. It’s not every day that you see a real-world version of a sports car featured inside a video game. Grand Turismo 6 gave birth to Toyota FT-1, and ifRead More

All About Chervolet Corvette C7

CO2 emission of 0.93 lb/ml, Curb weight of 3454 lb, Hybrid Chervolet, hybrid Corvet

Price: $54,795 (Base), $75,345 (as tested); expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2014 The 2014 Chervolet Corvette C7 is undisputed best Corvette in the history. Until the Z06 and ZR1 versions arrive, the Corvette C7 is the most technologically advance Corvette ever. The 460HP 6.2 liter direct injection V-8 engine of C7 enables it to reach a speed of 60mph within 3.8 seconds. C7 can reach up to a speed of 117.7mph in not more than 12.1 seconds. The new Corvette is fast, powerful and stylish asRead More