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Invention Number 50: Dynamite

alfred detonator

Dynamite was invented in 1860s by Swedish engineer, industrialist and inventor Alfred Nobel in Geesthacht, Germany, and was patented in England on May 7, 1867 and in Sweden on October 19, 1867. It is a high explosive which is based on nitroglycerin. Due to its high volatile nature, the manufacturing and transportation of nitroglycerin was very hazardous. Nitroglycerin is itself a very strong explosive and is extremely shock sensitive in its pure form. Alfred used the method of mixing nitroglycerin with silica which resulted in the creation of a malleableRead More

All About ChromeBook

Amazing Laptop Series, Google Chrome OS

A Chromebook is a PC which uses Google Chrome OS as its operating system. Google, Lenovo and Hewlett Packard entered the market in 2013 whereas the first Chromebooks were announced at Google I/O developer conference in May 2011 for sale by Samsung and Acer Inc. A desktop version known as Chromebox was also introduced in May 2012. Primarily, the Chromebooks are sold online, both from company’s retail partner as well as directly from Google.   According to Google, the Chromebooks have a limited boot time of 8 seconds and hasRead More

All About Gorilla Glass

Technology of Gorilla glass, unbreakable glass, touchscreen glass, iphone screen

In 2006, Steve Jobs with Wendell Weeks, the CEO of Corning, developed a scratch-resistant, strong glass for Apple’s iPhone. With the success of the Apple iPhone, Corning’s Glass was adopted for use in similar devices. Manufactured by the U.S. glassmaker Corning, Gorilla Glass is engineered as a combination of lightness, thinness, and damage-resistant so that it can be used as the cover glass for portable electronic devices including Laptops, portable media player, mobile phones display, etc. The increased hardness means that the user is less likely to scratch the phoneRead More

All About Nvidia Optimus

Switchable graphics, GPU, Cuda

In 2007, NVIDIA developed a new technology for Notebooks known as Switchable Graphics, which allowed the user  to use Discrete GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) for running higher graphical applications and switch to IGP (Integrated Graphics Processor) for running lower graphical applications in order to conserve the battery life. Each and every time a user wants to switch between the Intel IGP and the discrete GPU, the user has to manually change a setting from the NVIDIA Control panel/NVIDIA Switchable Graphics Applet. This Control panel presents a simple menu for theRead More