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All about Armani Donna


Armani DONNA

Price: Rs 22,495/-



The Armani’s are again in the market, now with the stylish and glamorous collection of designer watches. They are in the market giving terrific competitions to other watch makers.

Armani, the name says it all. This brand is not only   known for its suiting’s, shirting’s, leather products, eye wears and cosmetics but now Armani have also entered the watch manufacturing field.   This Italian brand is making remarkable success in the field of manufacturing designer watches. They are not only doing well but also they are making their name in this field.

The new collection they have come up with is named as DONNA. The literal meaning of this word is an Italian lady. The model of this collection with model no.AR7327 is one of the most elegant  time pieces by this brand. The steel case material, beautifully  designed dial; its stainless steel strap gives the watch a very glamorous look.

Beautiful designer watches are considered enough to add to ones personality. It is enough to make a woman look stylish and it also adds to her smartness. So, this watch put an end to the search of those  women, who are looking for something extra ordinary to wear.