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All About Arash AF8

length 4.15m, breadth 1.9m and 1.1m in height


Price: £170,000 (approx.)

Get ready to experience a New Story with a spectacular machine AF-8.

Under the beliefs and hope, Arash unveils a whole new distinctive character, AF8. One of the finest and exotic supercars ever build by Arash Motor Company Ltd. among its few. With its own level of quality, style and performance AF8 culminates, set it to rival other cars like Ferrari 458 Italia, Nobel M600 and McLaren 12C.

The car of a length 4.15m, breadth 1.9m and 1.1m in height is powered by a GM sourced LS7 7.0 liter Chevrolet V-8 engine which produces 560 horsepower @ 7500 rpm and a  torque of 645Nm @ 6000 rpm this car can reach its highest speed of 200 mph with the acceleration of 0-60 mph just in a time span of 3.5sec. A conventional 6 Speed manual transmission accompanies the engine along with an independent oil circuit with cooler and pressure fed lubrication system adding more reliability. A carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb structures a high tensile hybrid tubular steel chassis. System which is frequently practiced in formula and in prototype cars for the crash sensitive areas and engine brace is also been used in the car, using ‘one-directional carbon reinforced plastics’. To provide more strength and extra protection against external harshness, Kevlar carbon reinforced plastic for floor areas and wheel liners is used. A titanium exhaust system with an active bypass valve gives a free flow for emissions. The whole exhaust pathway is coated in plasma ceramic coating which reduces the heat upto 33% and inturn increases the horsepower and add thrust. Especially build wheels of AF-8 ride it in the category of super sports car. A 19 inch front wheel and a 20 inch rear wheel bring an advantage for dynamic driving and rolling resistance. Michelin pilot cup2 type tyres are ready to burn the tacks stopped by 6 pistons ventilated floating aluminum disc housed with high tensile steel acting on 38mm dia at the front and by 4 pistons calipers acting on 362mm ventilated floating steel disc at the rear. A double wishbone in TIG welded formation and aluminum oil filled dampers are used for suspension which are polished and nickel coated. Rack and pinion design and reach adjustable steering with 11m turning circle is made impact compliant.


Aerodynamically strong, AF-8 has an enclosed flat under-floor, rear and front spoilers and an exhaust driven rear diffuser. Using light weight and exquisite materials this car has a classy leather stitched air conditioned interior with carbon fiber and aluminum. Features like five way traction control, Bluetooth connectivity, touch screen multimedia system and LED rear lights with Bi-Xenon front lights add to its exclusivity. Costing approx. £170,000 the car is soon set to be in the market. Now looking at the car one could surely see a beautiful and a sexy body. The curves and designs reflect a complete balance of discipline and style.

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One Comment to All About Arash AF8

  1. Shel says:

    AF-8, really a beautiful and a completely styled machine. its design and curves brings more exposure to its dynamic and distinctive build. Its aerodynamic and strong body attracts the gaze. Arash has now set a new level of quality and expectation in the market with this sexy and erotic car culminating every aspect for a sexy super car. Surely gonna a mark from the Arash Motor Company Ltd.

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