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All About Apple MacBook Pro 15 with Retina display

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PRICE: Rs. 1,99,900 ($3224 approx.)


Powered by fourth generation Intel® Core™ i7, the Apple MacBook Pro 15 with Retina is the most advance notebook by apple. Both, the specifications and the performance justify its price well. First of all, talking about the display, the 15-inch screen of Apple MacBook Pro 15 packs in 5 million pixels and supports a resolution of 2880 x 1800. The text is so sharp that you won’t find any reason to print a hard copy of your mails, documents, etc… The retina display plays a major role in maintaining the color and quality. The IPS technology gives it a similar look as of a Full HD Sony Bravia LED TV with 178-degree view of everything on the screen.

Talking about the performance, the presence of fourth gen quad-core Intel Core i7 processors makes it the fastest MacBook Pro ever. Multi-tasking is unrestricted; we can make most complex tasks in professional applications. Thanks to the processor speed of 2.6GHz which can be increased up to 3.3GHz with the help of Turbo boost. Another reason for this MacBook being so fast is the 6MB of L3 cache (Cache is the fast memory which smartly stores the address of recently used program and keeps the CPU free for rest of the processes). Even if you are having so many programs at the start-up, your system won’t slow down.

Apple MacBook Pro does have something special for gamers as well. Apart from 128MB of Iris Pro Graphics embedded in 4th gen core i7, this machine does have 2GB of dedicated graphics of Nvidia GeForce GT 750M GDDR5. This machine is capable of running every PC game launched till now and the games of the future that are going to be released at least for next 3 years. Thanks for the new NVIDIA GeForce that has twice the video memory of the previous versions.

This machine does incorporate the latest Wi-Fi technology; i.e. Wi-fi 802.11ac (for more details click here is capable of accessing wireless data at a speed of 1Gbps. Thunderbolt 2 is yet another reason why this machine is so advance.

Thunderbolt 2 technology


Advance features of Apple MacBook 15 at a glance:

1)      4th gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor

2)      6Mb L3 Cache

3)     16GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM

4)      OS X Mountain Lion

5)      Thunderbolt 2 technology that is capable of sending data at an speed of 20Gbps to peripherals

6)      Wi-Fi 802.11ac

7)      2GB of NVIDIA GeForce GT750M GDDR5

8)      512GB SSD

9)      Dimensions of 1.8 x 35.89 x 24.7 (cm)

10)    Weight of 2.02kg

11)    Battery lasts for 9 hours on single charge (30 days standby).


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