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All About Google Android O

Google android 0 beta logo

With the second release of Android O’ s beta version at the Google’s I/O Developer Conference in May 2017, the excitement is already brewing among the android enthusiasts of what it has to offer this time. So, let’s take a peek into all the speculations it is surrounded with.

The developer preview which was made available on 21st March’ 2017 has put forward for consideration a whole lot of necessary updates to the software which has the ability to alter the entire user experience of android.


The operating system is supposed to retain battery life for much longer duration since the resources used by the apps running in the background can be restricted now by suppressing implicit broadcast exceptions and putting the cap on how often the background running apps fetch user’s location making the transition between the number of apps that are running simultaneously easier, enhancing the overall performance and user experience.

Being one of the most unsatisfactory aspect of android phones, the refinement in battery life is definitely going to emerge as a strong point in its favour among other operating systems.


The notification channels are also revamped to a great extent, the user can change the behavior of notifications provided by an app according to their convenience and priority.

Autofill Framework is also introduced to ease the pain of filling the forms incorrectly and inefficiently.

It seems like Android O is all about extraordinaire user experience because yet another feature of using fonts to one’s liking is added, plus there are adaptive icons also, which will automatically adjust their appearance with the theme already in place.

Features like auto-sizing text views, managing web views, pinning shortcuts and widgets, improvement in media player and device pairing with companion devices through Bluetooth, BLE, and Wi-Fi can be modified to suit the user’s needs.

Accompanying all this, a Wi-Fi aware system service that is capable of setting up a bi-directional Wi-Fi aware network connection without an access point is making this version of Android noteworthy.

Similar to the other versions of android, Android O is also supposed to get the name of a dessert. It can be Oreo, Orange, Oatcake or any other dessert that you like.

android O can be orange, oreo or oatcake

Whatever happens to be the name, one thing is certain that Android O is all about Google’s attempt to handle its drawbacks and provide the user with all the reasons to opt it discarding the competitors. And, if everything falls into place; this is going to be revolutionary, setting up higher standards.