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All About Android 4.4 kitkat

key Lime Pie, hidden features of 4.4 kitkat

Google’s much awaited yet indubitable arrival of Android OS Kitkat is ready to make its existence felt soon in the vicinity. At first, it was named Key Lime Pie but later, the name of the well known chocolate, Kitkat of brand Nestle made the mark. Although, no sort of collaboration is there between the two brands.

The perplexity in using Android 4.4.2 is definitely going to end by Android Kitkat.  Also, it is going to be a real treat for Nexus users as these devices are among the first ones to get the update. Android OS Kitkat is currently only available on Nexus 5. Google Play Edition devices and Moto X by Motorola will also get the update.

Android Kitkat 4.4 is a smart, graceful and nifty design with improved performance and advent of recently updated features. In order to improve the user’s experience, Android  4.4 is all set with its new immersive features :-


ü  Simplified search

Search with your voice on your home screen or in Google Now, just give command “OK Google” and the feature will be launched to get things such as if to play a song or something else. The ‘contextual cards’ feature also gets an upgrade.



ü  An Artifact

The lock screen will be able to show more than just widgets. While listening to music or streaming movies through Chrome cast, you will experience the full screen album or movie art which you can seek, play or pause to the certain moment on your screen.



ü  Immerse yourself

With this feature, you will get the simplified vision of what you really want to see. For instance, if you are reading a book everything else will automatically disappear. And to see the status bar and navigation bar again, just swipe the edge of the screen.



ü  Swifter multi tasking and better memory management

The memory is highly optimized. Android 4.4 can even run on devices with memory as less as 512 MB RAM. The touchscreen is improvised and now responds much swifter with greater ease, making the task fastened to a greater extent.


ü  The future is calling

This app put all your contacts based on their precedence, that is, most frequently used contacts will have higher precedence. In your Google apps domain, you can also search for contacts, nearby places and businesses.



ü  A smarter caller ID

This smart caller ID will be a help to make people aware of unidentified numbers.

Whenever you get a call from a number not in your contact list, it will search on Google maps to match from businesses with a local listing.


ü  New Hangouts app

This will keep all your SMS and MMS messages together at one place. It will also support HD video calls, video and voice calling. This new app also has support system for animated GIFs and location sharing through Google Maps.



ü  Emoji everywhere

Emoji, the colorful Japanese characters will now be available on Google keyboard to bring life to your conversations.



ü  Pick a file, any file

From apps like Quickoffice, you can open and save files on Google Drive, other cloud storage services, on your device. And with quick access to recently used files, it’s easier than ever to send the you were just working on.



ü  Printing made easier

The photos, documents and web pages right from your phone or tablet can be printed to any printer connected to Google Cloud Print, to HP ePrint printer, and to other printers enabled with Google Play Store.



In a coherent whole, Android 4.4 Kitkat is definitely a much more advanced, smart, beautiful and immersive design for the users.









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