Proving Grounds SFV and Tekken 7 tournament in India 2018

Monday, August 4th, 2014


All About Nomophobia

smart phone addiction among youth

Are you a Nomophobic?? Making it a little simpler, are you among people with “Mobile Phone Addiction”. Confused, check you with these symptoms and credit yourselves with these valuable points. Checking out your phone to every 10 seconds, which may include you in the poo, breakfast, in the bus, in your classes and the favourite of all; Dinner! Getting a Hallucination of receiving a text or email, when actually it hasn’t. In a parallel case, getting up desperate to send a text or browse twitter or Facebook to every 10thRead More

All About Arash AF8

length 4.15m, breadth 1.9m and 1.1m in height

  Price: £170,000 (approx.) Get ready to experience a New Story with a spectacular machine AF-8. Under the beliefs and hope, Arash unveils a whole new distinctive character, AF8. One of the finest and exotic supercars ever build by Arash Motor Company Ltd. among its few. With its own level of quality, style and performance AF8 culminates, set it to rival other cars like Ferrari 458 Italia, Nobel M600 and McLaren 12C. The car of a length 4.15m, breadth 1.9m and 1.1m in height is powered by a GM sourced LS7Read More