Proving Grounds SFV and Tekken 7 tournament in India 2018

Friday, April 18th, 2014


All About Lenovo YOGA 2

1800p resolution of YOGA, best 50k laptop in India, best 50k tablet in India

  Price: Rs. 50,000/-  Well, this is the excellent piece from Lenovo; this device will be remembered for quite a long time from now. The Lenovo Yoga 2 is certainly the best laptop out in the market in 50k range. It is a solid performer in all aspects. Packed with Intel’s Haswell’s CPU the Intel® i3-4010U, with 64-bit Windows 8.1, the Yoga 2 offers the best multi-tasking among all the laptops manufactured till today costing this much of money. Beginning with the display, the 13.3 inch screen of Yoga 2Read More

All About Sony VAIO Flip 11A

Pentium N3520 VS i3-4010U

Price: Rs. 50,000/- ($799 approx.) Sony Vaio devices are known for their build and excellent look. The Flip 11A is yet another glory from Sony Vaio and a solid answer to Lenovo Yoga 2. Well this convertible device that can be easily used as a laptop, tablet and as a PC as well. Vaio Flip 11A features a 11inch 1080p IPS display which has a great response; it does not catch the finger marks quickly. Display quality is fabulous at almost all the legal angles. Flip 11A features an N-TrigRead More