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Thursday, August 1st, 2013


All About Apple iOS 7

WWDC, iTune, iRadio, AppleMaps, Mavericks

  The World Wide Developers Conference (the Mecca for Apple fanboys) has played host to some of the most pivotal keynotes ever delivered. WWDC 2013 was on a record high as the tickets for the event were sold out in 71 seconds of being put on sale. And why not it would be? Apple has served us with many reliable products till now. Among all the presentation made at conference, iOS 7 looked distinct. Apple claimed to have paid $10 billion to developers and to have crossed the 50 billionRead More

All About Canon PowerShot A2500

Highly portable digital camera

Price: Rs. 5995/- It is an entry level point and shoot digital camera. With looks similar to Canon A2400, Canon A2500 is a 16.0 megapixel camera without optical image stabilization. Focal length of 28-140mm, Canon A2500 offers an optical zoom of 5x and has 15-1/2000 sec of shutter speed. Canon A2500 has 2.7 inch screen with 230k LCD monitor. It has a program mode which allows you to adjust white balance, EV, metering mode, ISO and drive mode. This is a highly portable device with a unique touch and feel.Read More

All About Project Loon

Internet Beaming balloons

  In the past few years Google has launched many useful products and services. Chrome OS marked the entry of Google in the race of manufacturing Operating Systems and decision to open its 3rd Anroid station in India itself shows that it doesn’t want to leave any corner for its rapid growth. Search giant Google has announced last month of it’s project named “Loon” in New Zealand that features Internet-beaming balloons into near space in order to provide fast internet to the world. This is a solution for an alternativeRead More

All About Asus Transformer AIO P1801

Asus Transformer, All in one PC, performance pc

Price: Rs. 86799/- (excluding taxes)             $ 1,488/- Asus gadgets are going to rule the market in late 2013. Where every leading PC manufacturing are eager to showcase Intel 4th generation core processor into their products, Asus has announced about their multiple gadgets to be launched this year. However, Asus going to face tough competition from Acer as Acer announced about world’s first 8-inch Windows 8 tablet named W3. Here we are talking about one of the sleekest All-in-one PC named Asus Transformer AIO P1801. All together a different designRead More

All About Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS, Open Source OS

Microsoft has been facing tough challenges in the field of Operating System. The entry of Google in the field of OS manufacturing with Chrome OS, made it more difficult for Microsoft being lone ranger. Chrome OS is the first ever operating system by search-giant Google for laptops. Following the same dichotomy as Google Chrome, Chrome OS is a Linux based operating system. Linux, a kernel (heart of any operating system) by itself requires a lot of embellishments and additions to provide you with a useful operating system. Chrome OS isRead More